An Unfortunate Adventure! #freewritemadness: Day Twenty-Two

Day 22 of #freewritemadness…… we’re almost up to the last week. And my stamina has mostly petered out, honestly.

Today’s wordcount was a whole whopping 669 words! But, better than zero. 🙂 And it got an idea out into the open. Very Rough First Draft; Flesh out later. That being said, I feel bad posting today’s writing in its current state. But, it is what it is.

Overall wordcount is: 38344 (I’m still on par, at least. Need to kick my butt into gear over the weekend.)


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The attack on the barriers was not quite as serious as the one a few hours ago. Was that because it had been night then and this had turned into one of those dark days where Serenithyl decided that day should be night? Either way, little effort had been required. Katéa watched as the blue light fizzled into the nothingness, and sighed as the white aura disappeared. Even though it was dangerous, she liked being able to connect with Draven in such a personal manner… mind-to-mind. There was nothing else quite like it.

He smiled down at her and shook his head. “I’m still trying to understand whatever it is that you showed me; you have quite the imagination.”

Imagination? She stood a little taller and raised her chin into the air. “No. It was not my imagination. I really think that the gargoyles are lost elves.”

“Even if they were, what does that mean for Serenithyl? Despite the… disagreeances, the elves were assisting humans with Serenithyl’s destruction.”

“Disagreeances?” Katéa snorted. “If that’s what you want to call murder, sure.” She sighed, “I think that Serenithyl belonged to the elves, and only their Council knew. Damned politicians. Hiding truths that normal people don’t ‘need’ to know. Same thing happens in my world.” She shook her head. Focus; this world is what matters now. “Anyway, I think, that in order to protect their kind from your kind, some sort of ritual was used to transform them into beasts.”

“That’s outrageous.”

“I prefer beastly,” she grinned. “Beastly beasts! No?”

Draven apparently did not seem to appreciate her humour. “As much as I would like to know the why’s of this, they do not matter. She must be removed, and then,” he sighed and touched her arm. “And then the beastly beasts will return to their sleep. The issue is cutting through her beasts and Serenithyl, and at last reaching her. Which is what the Masters are discussing.”

“Why don’t they do it when the beasts are attacking the villages? They seem to be doing okay with the non-Master mage-bloods looking after things.”

“It’s not quite as simple as that. They are both magical and physical manifestations; they can literally be in multiple places at once.”

Well, that sounded as awkward as a dog with balls the size of its head. Katéa sighed and followed Draven out of the dark area and into the corridor. So, the beasts could be in many places at once, and were dangerous in more ways than the obvious. Nessie was likely attacking everywhere, all at the same time. Keeping pressure on everyone, hence the Masters all congregating together to deal with her. But, surely she’d be able to get through the barriers if she really wanted to. It was all a distraction, but what for?

She rubbed at her head, trying to alleviate the forming ache. The blue buzzy forcefield thing sounded like a constant stream of white-noise and now that all was silent, the electronic buzz tormented her mind. At least it wasn’t a high-pitched shriek like when Quint had turned on his phone. If they were in that room for any longer, her ears would have shattered into a thousand tiny fragments.

Wait —ears… elves had sensitive ears. She stopped and grabbed Draven’s arm.

“I have an idea!” She swallowed. “Uh, but… you won’t like it.”

Draven raised an eyebrow and waited.

“Okay, silence. At least you’re listening,” she sighed. “Quint’s devices. Are they… still here? Somewhere?”

He cringed. “What- why? They remain discarded in the void.”

“But, they can be re-acquired?”

“If they have to be,” he said, with obvious disdain. “Why?”

She fidgeted beneath his wince, suddenly feeling as disgusting as Quint’s actions.

“Well, it’s hard to explain, but, I think the sound will discombobulate the beasts, and allow a few moments for an attack to reach Nessie, and… you know how horrible the noise is! And, you said it yourself… elves have delicate ears…”


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