An Unfortunate Adventure! #freewritemadness: Day Twenty-Seven

Day 27 of #freewritemadness!

I spent a few hours with Scrivener open, just staring at my first sentence and thinking to myself, “Why am I doing this? This story is balls. The characters are pbbt. There are 6500 more words til I cross the finish line, and I just don’t want to do them!”

And then I opened Vengeance and re-lived life as Lyria for a bit. Fell in love with her and Cael once more. Added a few notes to the document.

I almost wish that I had just used this pre-existing story for my #freewritemadness and spent the entirety of November “finishing” it at last. But, then I remembered; at the start of the month I needed a breath of fresh air, and that fresh air was supposed to be this off-the-bat story that had no plot and was just made up as I went along. The whole point was so I could go back to Vengeance after some time had passed, and see it clearer and love it again.

It worked too well. 😛 I almost bowed out today. “Bugger it. Just write Vengeance.”

Today’s writing is a bit skeletal, but I cried at the end. The sadness begins. Just getting it out as best I can. Once it’s written, even in a skeletal un-fleshed fashion, then I can deal with it. Sitting here bawling my eyes out, whilst at the same time joking about dropbears in Discord, and waiting for my phone to ring. Ahhhh, phones! The irony.

Today’s wordcount: 915
Overall wordcount: 44402 (5600 to go, uggghhhhhhhh)


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He nodded. She raised her thumb to press the power button, cringing in advance at the sound that would come from the device, when Nessie spoke.

“Young Draven, by this age I would have expected your concealment capabilities to be a lot stronger.” She rotated in mid-air and faced them, her eyes remaining closed as she softly smiled. “Did you really think it wise to bring them with you?”

Stunned, Katéa fumbled the phone and almost dropped it. Nessie knew they were here! That was probably to be expected… right, they would just waltz on in with no trouble. As if. The voices from the singing necklace softened until they were a barely audible hymn thrumming alongside the black sphere’s pulse. Draven moved at her side, he wasn’t waiting for her —he pulled the lever.

The crossbow bolt flew free and hurtled towards Nessie’s serene face, stopping mid-air a mere centimetre from her nose before it clattered to the ground. The elf’s smile widened and she at last opened her eyes, revealing rubies as fiery as the aura surrounding the necklace.

Hands trembling, Katéa at last pressed the button. Nothing happened. Oh, right. Hold it down, you dipshit! She winced and tried again, her shaking thumb pressed against the little nub for what felt as an eternity. There was a moment of silence… and then the ear-piercing shriek rang out into the cavern, even louder than it had back in Quint’s room. Was that even possible? Her hands flew to her ears and the phone fell to the ground.

Everything seemed to react in a slow motioned. Draven winced and notched another bolt. Nessie’s soft smile transformed into an ugly grimace that contorted her face, her ears wiggling in time with that incessant drip-drip-drip. It would almost be comical if it wasn’t so fucking painful! Her hands did nothing, they could not block the sound, and fresh tears rolled down her cheeks as she slumped to the floor.

Nessie’s ruby eyes reverted to their normal emerald and then became as black as the sphere itself… Katéa shrunk down further. The sphere was no longer black; it was glowing brighter than the sun, probably hotter too. Black ribbons rolled from the thrumming sphere and into the cavern, transforming the trees into dead husks that appeared just as the ones the giant wombat had lived within, and the pastel vines disintegrated into a silver dust that swirled around each lifeless limb before vanishing into the nothingness. A shadow descended from overhead, slow and deliberate —Serenithyl— appearing even larger than when she had first seen the horrid bird. Its golden eyes glared into her, its taloned feet stretched out towards her, and its wings flapped in heavy gusts that created a storm about her and kept her in place. She whimpered; this was the end. Draven steadied himself through the piercing wail and pulled the crossbow lever again.

Time stopped, as did the gusting wind. A great crash resounded through the cavern as the bird plummeted to the floor and flattened the makeshift forest, sending bricks flying out from the neatly paved walls and trembling the stone beneath her. Great, it was going to send her into the waterfall again. What were the odds of surviving that twice? She clenched her hands tighter about her ears and prepared herself for the shock of ice cold water.

The floor didn’t crack open and the phone’s banshee-esque screams were dying down, only to be drowned out by the rise of singing voices emanating from the imitation orb about Nessie’s limp neck. The black void that served as orb leaked from it in a similar manner to the sphere, glowing so bright that it near burned her eyes as she watched it spiral away into the air, revealing a tiger’s eye gemstone where there was once black. Katéa swallowed. Was it a gemstone, or was it a mage-blooded person’s eye? That would be fitting. After all, the humans had been using elf eyes as decorations, so why not take a mage eye and do something horrible to it to seek their vengeance?

Though the sphere’s rotation slowed, it still remained as bright as the midday sun. What the hell was happening to it —was it the phone? It was only supposed to stun the elf and the beasts! But, hey; if it was destroying this thing that not even dragons could touch, she wished there had been a bit more charge in it. Her ears disagreed. She bowed her head between her knees, trying to protect herself from the chorus of singing voices, now chanting louder than that phone could ever hope to screech. A hand touched her shoulder and without looking, she shuffled into Draven’s arms, trying to block out the sound by burying herself into him as far as she could humanly manage.

His hands swept through her air and his heart thumped loud against her ear… she focused on that steady beat, that soothing, calming, heartbeat. Then, all went silent. No singing, no shrieking, no heartbeat… she shuffled back and opened her eyes. Draven was transparent again, his mouth opening and closing as though he were speaking, but this time she couldn’t hear him. She reached out, but couldn’t touch him. His eyes widened with equal measures of shock, horror, and despair. ‘Katéa’, he mouthed. The glowing sphere expanded over all, encompassing all in her sight, and then there was nothing.


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